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Spotlight: Robert Ragan

Hi All

It's a great day for me to shine the spotlight on someone I find highly talented. Today - on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website (soon to be posted) - I am honored to share the poetry of Robert Ragan with you!

I've been a fan of Robert's writing for a couple of years - he writes about subjects and about experiences in ways I clearly understand and can relate to. Life sometimes doesn't go the way we wish it to go - and, sometimes, we aren't who we wish to be - Robert excels at writing about the downsides - the raw and brutal realities - of life. Often I will read Robert's powerful words and see my own life reflected within them.

This is Robert in his own words:

Robert Ragan, from Lillington NC, has been nominated for both The Pushcart Prize and Best Of The Net. You can find his work at Vext magazine, Synchronized Chaos, Punk Noir Magazine, Yellow Mama Webzine, Close To The Bone, Switchblade Magazine and Bristol Noir.

He also has three story collections Mannequin Legs And Other Tales, It’s Only Art, and Whatever Whenever. Published by Alien Buddha Press and available at Amazon.

Here are two poems by Robert Ragan - and, I'm certain you'll love them as much as I do! ______________

Look It Up

Maybe you aren't willing To face what Carl Jung called The Shadow

That's perfectly alright No one wants to do that work

I do but there's still Parts of myself I never let anyone see

It's enough to drive me crazy

Ocd intrusive thoughts Make the Shadow go haywire

Anyway maybe you aren't willing To do the work Maybe you're terrified Of facing the Shadow

Just know it's eating me alive Bones all That's left of my sanity

Just want you to know There's hope for you Long after hope has failed me

Some people are just too far gone It's sad but I am one of them

Had to be to become one with them

Let me sleep now please Even The Shadow needs rest Hope all my angels are resting too ____

The Smile That Started Fires

Raise your head Allow your smile To prevail

Allow it to outshine the world

If distance wasn't again the enemy

I'd make you see That you are everything Beauty and brilliance So overwhelming Yet you're convinced That the brightside Doesn't exist

I don't know you But I was just thinking Maybe we could help Each other find a way out

The happiness that once Reigned inside of you I can see it all clearly In your photos

Dreamlike your eyes surreal Dreamlike you will never come true

Regardless of all that Remember to raise your head Hold it up high

It's what the loving spirit Would have wanted To see you live again Happy and not haunted

Allow your smile To prevail against All the odds

In no time It will outshine the world

Again I don't know you Luckily I don't have To know you To be in your corner

Pulling for you Pulling for your beautiful smile

Photo: Robert Ragan.

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