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Spotlight: Roebain Christians

Hi All

It's an amazing day to shine the spotlight on someone I find highly talented. It is with much excitement, today on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, I share with you the poetry of Roebain Christians.

I first ran across Roebain's poetry a little less than a year ago - and have followed her work since. She is an outstanding poet (an understatement) and an amazing person and friend! Roebain knows which words to choose (and does it cleverly) and knows exactly where they belong - I read her poems twice (always) when they are posted because they are that good.

Roebain in her own words:

She is a writer and motivational speaker. As a victim and survivor of physical and emotional abuse, she used various international and national platforms to speak out against women and child abuse. Her book “Let your voice speak” consist mostly of poems she wrote about her abusive past. Roebain received many accolades as a poetess.

Here are 3 poems by Roebain Christians - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________ Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Please tell me who is the real me of them all. Is she the girl who dreamt of her knight in shining armor and a happy ever after? Or the one who was a victim of abuse, and survived? Fought her way to stay alive. Perhaps the divorced, single mum, Who struggles on her own? Breaking flesh and bone to build herself a home? Maybe the visionary teacher, Who wants her kids to succeed? Even if she had to ignore her own needs.

Can you give her a clear explanation? Where she is heading to, and her destination? The uncertainty drives her mad, Especially when she is alone and has no one to phone. No lover, to warm her bed, No companion, to rest her head. No confidant, to share her fears, No one, to dry her tears.

When you look at her reflection, Do you also see her imperfections? Can you see her broken soul? That she tries to make it whole. What about all the rejections, Can you fix her with an injection?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Is she just not also human after all?

©Roebain ______________ Riding Hood

She was Riding Hood, who believed everyone was good. Never had she dreamt she will marry a wolf. He romanced her with sweet seductive words, And romantic picnics in the woods.

A real wolf in sheep clothes he was, Won her trust and broke her guard down. By the time she found out, it was too late to turn around. She already welcomed him into her life and house. He was her toxic spouse.

Many nights he huffed and puffed, and tried to blow her house down. One night he almost broke her crown. During the years his claws got sharper, and his bites were worst. Her only option was to file for a divorce.

Her wolf was not satisfied with her plans, And showed her his fangs. She almost died that night, when he struck her with a fatal bite.

© Roebain ______________ I am chaos and beauty

I am the mother of chaos and beauty, You can either love or hate me. I behold the mythology of the Greek gods, The book of Folktales you been told.

I am your oracle, you seek my guidance, At night you come to tell me all your dreams and secrets. I gave you my strength to be strong and bold, like a Taurus bull, Or cunning and deceiving, using my Scorpion sting.

Some of you are mesmerized by my beauty, I bring the Virgo out in you, to be complex and still lovely. As I sail over the seven seas, your curiosity, captured me, My Pisces personality watches you calmly, wishing we are like Gemini.

But because I am also chaos and not only bring hope, Libra judges you with her scales, And when I convicted you, Sagittarius released his arrow and gave you pain.

During the day I hide like a hermit Crab, away from your eyes, Not to see how my loneliness feel. But remember I will always be on your subconscious mind, Because I am the Constellation, you need me.

© Roebain

Photo: Roebain Christians.

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