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Spotlight: Scott Johnson

This week it is an honor to share with you the amazing poetry and drawings of Scott Johnson.

Scott's poems are intense. They are often brief and always powerful - dimly-lit mental landscapes effectively communicated in a minimal number of lines.

Scott's drawings are equally as intense as his poems. Together, his poems and artwork tell raw and emotional stories. Snapshots of dark moments and dark thoughts.

Here are 4 poems and 3 drawings by Scott Johnson (Thaumus the Bard) - and I hope you enjoy them! ____________________ Dying Inside

I am dying inside

overwhelmed by my emotions and the pains of life

I’m not sure how much longer I can hang on

before I simply disappear and am gone…

- Written & Drawn By Thaumus the Bard ____________________ After

I was tired of being tired, I was tired of being in pain

I couldn’t stop the madness, I couldn’t keep it at bay

After it is all done, and it is far too late

I hold myself crying, as I start to fade away…

- Written By Thaumus the Bard ____________________ The Man and the Raven

A Pome of Endings

He sits there deep in isolation,

with nothing but a raven as a friend

He sits there day in and night,

waiting patiently for his end...

The rain falls and lashes against his windows,

the thunder crackles and the lightning flashes across the sky

And yet he sits there in deep isolation,

waiting patiently to die...

His family has long left him,

he is the very last of his line

And as he nears his ending,

just his friend, a raven, is by his side...

The raven sits there waiting,

perched upon the post of the bed

Watching the slowing of his friend’s breathing,

waiting patiently for him to be dead...

And finally the day is upon them,

when death has come knocking upon their door

Both man and raven breathe their last,

to tread upon this mortal coil never more...

- Written By Thaumus the Bard ____________________ Stuff of Shadows

I bleed the stuff of shadows

they ooze from the slits in my wrists

with my back turned upon the door of life

I keep walking until I cease to exist…

- Written By Thaumus the Bard

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