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Spotlight: Thela Foxgood, Pagan High Priestess

Hi All

It's Sunday, which means I introduce someone amazing to you, here on the Jimmy Broccoli page.

I met Thela Foxgood about 6 years ago. She and I were participants in a Samhain ritual that required several nights of rehearsal (before the event) and, during these evenings, Thela and I got to know each other well and became fast friends. Thela is the kind of person you meet and somehow know you'll always know. She's one of my favorite people and that will never change.

But, the reason I present Thela Foxgood to you today is because she is a High Priestess and the journey that led to her calling is an interesting one.

Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page, I present Thela Foxgood's writing, "Called: The Birth of a High Priestess" - and I hope you enjoy it!

Called: The Birth of a High Priestess

It started as a dream. I had walked these woods many times during the day, but one night this familiar landscape became a dreamscape. My body slept, but my spirit sojourned to the woods, now sheltered in darkness where I was standing under the light of the moon. My robe was as dark as the night that surrounded me. I used an odd blade, shaped like a crescent moon, and I gathered tender leaves and stems to place into a basket. I buried into the earth objects that, I as the onlooker also, did not recognize and spoke foreign-sounding words.

I didn’t understand anything about this dreamscape. I’d never worn a robe in my life, nor was I familiar with the leaves gathered, the blade used, or the words spoken. All I knew at that time was that it was a call to my spirit that was as undeniable as it was foreign. I began to pursue it in everyday, waking life. It became an “all day awareness” (mindful watching) to see what I could learn and discover. As I became the Oneironaut (explorer of dream worlds) of this dream, I quested to see where I would fit into it all.

As many new beginnings go, I started at zero and, with a little luck, took a leap of faith - stepping through the doors that opened before my hand, willing and ready to learn. Little did I know how much there would be to learn, but oh the fun and delight!

Becoming a High Priestess was one doorway. It was the continuation of discovery, growth and of stepping into this dream in a very Lucid way. The dream character that I had been, who seemed to understand fully what she was doing, became Thela Foxgood who now knows that she was using a Boline to gather sacred herb essences under that full moon in a ritual robe, giving offerings and words of thanks for the magick that exists in all things.

And so it was, and became and is, Awen and Blessed Be

- Thela Foxgood

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