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Spotlight: William Burke (Asphalt Worms)

Hi All

It's a fantastic day to shine the spotlight on an individual I find highly talented. Today - on the Jimmy Broccoli page and on the website (soon to be posted) - I'm thrilled to be sharing the poetry of William Burke!

William Burke's (also known as W.e. Burke and as Asphalt Worms) command of imagery and description is exceptional - he is a highly effective (and outstanding) storyteller. I was first introduced to his poetry only a couple of months ago - and I've been reading his work since.

In addition to his poems being presented here (and elsewhere online), William's work will also be within the pages of my upcoming anthology, "Ovation" (February 2024).

Here is William in his own words:

I'm a 50-year-old self-taught, unpublished poet with a passion for the arts. I was actually a painting major at the Atlanta College of Art in the late 90s before it became an extension of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Classes at that time were in the building beside the High Museum in midtown Atlanta. I do still paint today but not as often as I write. Prior to that, I served Active Duty in the Army as a Tactical Satellite Technician and that took me to so many amazing places across the globe. While I've left the government sector behind, I still work in the satellite industry today and have been with the same company working FT as an Engineer for last 22 years. I'm married, have 2 children (one in college) and we live in a small town at the base of the North Georgia mountains.

I can be reached at for any questions or comments

And even though I started Asphalt Worms for a specific collection of work, it has evolved to be more a page for my work. Link:

Here are two poems by William Burke - and, I'm certain you'll enjoy them as much as I do!



Cold is the night

stars felled, crystallized and shine

they pile high in freshly downed blankets

peeking from street light blinds

Dark is the morn

'til children bring the dawn

swaddled bus stop moon boot slides

bundled beneath breath rides on vapor sighs

Still is the day

sundogs light the way

hue beams smile down on white crowns

crisp halos hung on the lowly pillared sun

-W.e.Burke 2023

Asphalt Worms



Some days, I think,

my time here was best

spent in days passed.

And some days, I think,

the best days are still

yet to come.

But today, it dawned on me that

it doesn't matter much what I think.

Instead, it matters more what I do.

And so,

I sat down and wrote this poem...

and from this day forward,

the best days are the ones

that I spend with you.

-W.e.Burke  2023

Asphalt Worms

Photo: William Burke.

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