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  • Jimmy Broccoli

The Cure, Disintegration, & Fascination Street

Hi All

I have been a huge fan of The Cure since "Boys Don't Cry" (I was 7 years old upon it's release).

"Disintegration" (1989) is my favorite album by The Cure. It includes "Lullaby" (the inspiration behind my poem "Lunchbox"), "Pictures of You", "Lovesong" and this track. The entire album is musical perfection.

During the early stages of the pandemic an online user (I don't remember his name) from England created a "Best Indie Album of All Time" poll and, within a couple of weeks, there were over 21,000 of us (internationally) voting for our favorite "indie" albums. Groups and albums competed against one another daily (3 competitions a day) and the conversations and postings were often full of passion and strong opinions. The moderator/administrator wasn't anybody previously known online - but he brought thousands together to actively (and, oftentimes, aggressively) defend why fans of one band preferred one album over the album of another band. I hesitate to admit it - I got caught up in this for the two month series of polls and was online throughout every day voting for my favorites and keeping up with the percentile (in real time) results. Somehow this was important and, in this very small way, I felt I had control over a tiny part of the universe during unsettling and unpredictable times that included the lockdowns.

At the end of the competition, "Disintegration" was named as the Best Indie Record of all time. I'll be honest, I wasn't routing for it to win, but it was within my top five, so I wasn't disappointed with the results.

Here is The Cure with "Fascination Street", my favorite song from my favorite album from the band and among my favorite videos. I saw them in concert in the late 1990s with a dear friend and the memories remain among my most treasured.

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