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The new release of "Damaged" on December 25th

So very rarely is a book of poetry so page-turning that it, upon release, immediately becomes essential reading. The emotional rollercoaster that is “Damaged”, written by Jimmy Broccoli, whips you around on unstable rails, transporting you to a Poetic Wonderland that challenges the traditional, while embracing the unexplored.

It’s multi-colored, neon graffiti on darkened walls in dimly lit rooms. It’s hesitant confessions gently leaving the lips of the accused. It’s the unexpected invitation to the dance.

“Damaged” is exposed and vulnerable verse that whispers in bold type.

This is narrative poetic storytelling like you haven’t read before.

Welcome to the confessional poetic landscape of Jimmy Broccoli. Bring a flashlight.

Link to Amazon copy can be found: Here

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