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Tribute To Chris (Monica) Van Pelt

Hi All

On January 31st I lost a very close and long-time friend. He was the first friend I made when I moved to Georgia (USA) a little over 18 years ago. His name was Christopher Van Pelt.

Other than my 4 years living in Augusta, GA, my 5 months living in Riverton, WY, and about 6 months here in Atlanta, Chris and I lived together (as roommates) and he, even when I was away, was my continued strength when I had little or none and when life got serious, he stood beside me to make sure I'd survive any tidal wave that threatened to drown. And he, in a very real way, saved my life about 3 years ago when I was asleep and choking and wasn't waking up. He was the very definition of a friend and I loved (and continue to love) him very much.

Although his success as an entertainer is widely known throughout the state of Georgia and in large cities of neighboring states, most of you probably have not heard of Monica Van Pelt. This was Chris' drag persona and he successfully performed on stage as Monica for over 20 years. Thousands were fans of Monica, while only a handful of us knew Chris well.

On January 31st I lost my best friend. But, he will always be loved, missed, and remembered. I am purposely not sharing photos of Chris, because that is not how most knew him - and these photos are personal to me. Most knew him as Monica - and Monica was among (without doubt) the funniest, most foul-mouthed, and entertaining performers to ever step on stage in the Southern United States. If interested, you can check out his videos on his Facebook page or on YouTube. In 2001 he was Miss National at Large (a national drag pageant), he is a former Miss Atlanta Entertainer (we won the contest), and won various other awards, trophies, and crowns throughout his career. He is celebrated and mourned by many.

Christopher Van Pelt (also known as Monica Van Pelt).

March 25th, 1974 - January 31st, 2021. May he forever rest in peace.

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