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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Tupperware, Scoop & Sketches

So, we’re in the living room and listening to a song about how it’s better to do cocaine than heroin -

and I tend to agree this is fairly good advice

My choice is glass – I have never galloped on horses – and, I don’t ride ponies often – or whatever…

the glass is white and powdery and on the horizontal mirror

the mirror is on the living room coffee table -

the coffee table is brown and made of wood

it’s rectangular

…“Yes, you can use my credit card”, my friend tells me

The lines (my DOC) must be perfect because I’m OCD

Franklin sometimes uses needles, and I never do

I never have – I’ll take my drugs without a needle,

Thank you very much

We eat garlic bread before we partake –

The garlic bread - it is warm, a bit crunchy (as Franklin prefers it)

and it’s really delicious (“IKR”, says Franklin) -

I make a solid plan to buy more of it when I’m next at the grocery

“WTF”, I say – and Franklin giggles like a man who has heard something funny

We talk about police cars driving by our apartment –

“Fucking bitch keeps tipping off the po-leece”, says Franklin (and I know he is speaking the truth)

“WTF?”, I say again, and Franklin responds, “IKR?”.

My sketch is sitting around the apartment naked (Franklin doesn’t care at all) –

and I take selfies to later post on Pornhub (Franklin doesn’t care at all)

- Franklin picks at his face obsessively–

his sketch hurts his face and causes scars –

mine saves me from having to do laundry more often

Tim & his younger brother drop by –

They bring the G, the X (the E) and the bananas

“The baggie on the counter is for you”,

I say after I take a small drink of the G from the Sprite bottle cap

“Dude, you’re always naked”, says Tim’s younger brother

“It’s his sketch”, explains Tim

and I consider putting on underwear until they leave –

but then decide not to

Tim & his younger brother stay a bit longer –

we watch John Carpenter’s Halloween – for the thousandth time –

and Tim’s younger brother is pissing in the toilet with the door open –

it’s loud…

and I miss a few lines by Jamie Lee Curtis

(but, I have them memorized, so it’s not a problem)

Tim’s younger brother returns, and his dick is still out of his pants –

and nobody tells him – and we think it’s funny

The G is kicking in – and Franklin looks at my erection

“Sorry”, I say when I see he is looking –

“not a problem”, says Franklin, as he picks at his face


Horse – Heroin

Pony – Cocaine

Glass & Tupperware – Methamphetamine

DOC – Drug of choice

OCD – Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Po-leece – A southern way to say “police”

IKR – I know, right (I agree with you)

WTF – What the fuck

Sketch – A drug user’s “thing” (compulsion or habit), often a repeated action

G & Scoop– GHB, Georgia Home Boy or gamma hydroxybutyrate. Liquid.

X or E – Ecstasy, MDMA, Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine. Tablets.

Bananas – Hydrocodone.

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli.

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