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Upcoming "Children's Book" Sneak Peek

Hi All

I am super excited my upcoming (and my 1st) children's book (adult satire) is on schedule to be released in December 2023 (just in time for Christmas & other winter holidays)!

It's the first of "The Adventures of Little Jimmy" stories. The title and the cover reveal will be revealed soon. The cover art and illustrations are all beautifully presented by Bots Media.

This is my first attempt at writing comedy (and I am very happy with how it turned out) - a genre for which I am not known to write (Haha ).

Below is a sample of the illustrations - this is "Little Jimmy" with his stuffed animal ("soft toys", if you're in the United Kingdom) friends (they are all in the book):

Brahms, my Broccoli Buddy from Luxembourg

Caesar, the Therapy Bunny Rabbit

Cheerio, the Anxiety Bunny Rabbit

Little Doggy

& Neigh Neigh, the Neighing Horse on a Stick

The book is a lot of fun - and, I hope you'll enjoy it!

My first children's book (adult satire) - Released December 2023!

Have a wonderful day!

Book: Written by Jimmy Broccoli. Illustrations: Created by Bots Media - these are preliminary sketches.

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