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  • Jimmy Broccoli

We, the Carnivalesque

Hi All

I hope you are having an incredible day!

I, unexpectedly (because I've been ill for a fairly high number of days), am feeling kind of amazing (and okay) - I think the gifts (you've sent) of light, love, and healing are working - thank you for that! I really do feel great - and I'm absolutely loving it!

As you may (or may not) know, English poet Lucie Sargeant and I have launched We, the Carnivalesque - a brand new poetry group. It's been only 2 days and the excitement, the community building and the sharing have already started. It's everything I was hoping for - and more.

I will be sending out invitations to join the group (beginning) tomorrow. Please know I am aware (just like I do) you receive a TON of invites - probably daily - most of them from people you've never interacted with and who have never even said "hello". And - we're all busy - we belong to multiple groups and it's difficult (impossible) to keep up with all of them - it can easily become overwhelming.

If you receive an invite from me, it is because you're a friend, I am familiar with your work, and I find you highly talented. I never randomly tag people and I will only be sending invites for We, the Carnivalesque to those I know well and who I'm confident will enjoy being part of the group. With that stated - please know all are welcome!

Lucie Sargeant and I, as Admins of the group, have a lot planned for the coming weeks and months - community events (collaborative, educational, experimental and some of them fun - yes, fun) and opportunities that are meant to compliment your experiences in other poetry groups.

It is our vision to work alongside other poetry groups and Admins - we do not consider anyone competition and hope others do not regard We, the Carnivalesque as competition - there is plenty of room in the sandbox for all of us. We plan to offer multi-group opportunities and collaborations - working together - because we're all a part of the worldwide poetry community.

We want for you, the poet, to enjoy being a part of the group - to enjoy hanging out and spending time with other poets - to share your work openly and to discover the poetry of others - and to take chances in a safe environment.

We want you to visit as frequently as you want to visit - please know you are always welcome!

The lights across the festival grounds are all aglow (and bright) - the rides are spinning wildly - and the big top pierces into the early evening sky as the Ringleader tips his hat to the audience...

Your ticket (it's free) is waiting for you at the box office near the entrance, if you wish to receive it.

The show is about to begin...

Invitations will be sent tomorrow.

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