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3rd (& Final) List of Poets Chosen for "Encore" Anthology

Hi All

As I’ve previously mentioned, I strongly believe some of the best poetry ever written is being written today – in 2022. My upcoming anthology, “Encore”, is a celebration of these accomplishments – shining the poetic spotlight on many of the best writers writing today.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to the poets listed below for giving me the go-ahead to include their work within the pages of “Encore”!

All acceptances, as of now, are closed. Like, “Spotlight”, “Encore” will include the work of 83 poets.

Here is the list of the final poets selected for the anthology [this list is in addition to the first two lists of poets - poets from all three lists are included within "Encore"]:

John Patrick Robbins

Jodie Jesson

Dan Flore III

Belinda Subraman

Rudra Prasad Warrier

Rupali Tiru

Afzal Sajjad Zafir

Amrita Valen

Nicholas Michael Ravnikar

Leah Tilly

Jay Blount

Amelia Lynn

Ken L. Custance

Lola Lawrence

Robert McDermott

Lisa H. Owens

Patrik Jonez

Katie Collins

Charles Gramlich

Liz Forssell

Thom Futrell

Maria Thérèse Williams

Michael Duckwall

Isabelle Palerma

Curtis Raynard

Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta

R.M. Englehardt

Tammi Fitzpatrick

Jerry Pendergast

May Lene Reodique

Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur

Mimi German

Drew Swindells

Coleen C. Kimbro

Kaniki Kangwa III

Ann Christine Tabaka

Umar YB

Kylie A. Hough

Rob Bristol

Eden Hundsdoerfer

John Anthony Fingleton


Hank Beukema

Holly Smith

Kevin J. Ryan

Victoria Puckering

Benedixio Moore Khoti

Tracy Shults-Wright

Photo: Courtesy of PALS (Pets Are Loving Support) of Georgia. PALS is the non-profit who will receive all benefits from the sales of “Encore”. It is an honor to be partnering with them on this project.

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