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A Very Special Poetry Reading With Jimmy Broccoli - New Location

Hi All

I have a very exciting announcement! Actually, I have two - but I'll leave the second announcement for my next post.

The upcoming filming of "A Very Special Poetry Reading with Jimmy Broccoli" has been rescheduled for December 6th and production is moving from Atlanta to Augusta, GA. I'll be bringing a very talented Video and Audio Director to Augusta with me and have a great Casting Supervisor in Augusta, who'll assist with finding the right people for the event. I think the venue change is going to make a big difference - a really wonderful difference.

I want to thank David Hardin, owner of Back to Nature Garden Center, for agreeing to the filming in December. There is a woody area behind the Center that is absolutely beautiful, wired for electricity, and a perfect setting for the event. It is in this location that I'll (with lots of help from talented friends) be filming my first public poetry reading and I couldn't be more excited!

It's going to be epic!

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