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Announcement of "Spotlight" - June 2022

Hi All

I strongly believe some of the best poetry – ever – has been written in recent years; to include many amazing poems being written now, in 2022. To celebrate these literary accomplishments I’ll be, for the next few months, collecting poems I particularly enjoy and asking selected writers for their permission to include their work in the upcoming poetry collection, “Spotlight” – tentatively to be released in June 2022.

“Spotlight” will contain my favorite poems written by my favorite poets. I’ll be reaching out to 80 poets, requesting permission to include their work. Of course, only poems I am given permission to publish in the collection will be included.

I will not be taking any unsolicited submissions to be included in the collection.

All proceeds from “Spotlight” will be given to Planned Pethood of Georgia.

Planned Pethood of Georgia helps pets and the people who care for them by providing innovative programs and affordable services that save lives. The proceeds from the sales of “Spotlight” couldn’t go to a better organization.

If you are among the 80 poets I select, I’ll be contacting you soon.

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