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Book Recommendations: Alys Maia, Mike Davidson, Jamie Santomasso, & Birdy Rivers

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Hi All

As a writer, I find it important we support one another on our adventures. So, whenever I get the chance (and as funds allow), I jump online to order the latest offerings from writers I admire and who are outstanding at their craft.

Pictured below are three books written by 4 amazing authors - 3 of them poets and one of them a writer of fantasy (mythology and folk tales) - and I highly recommend them all.

When we support one another, we all succeed.

From left to right:

"Sunhats And Raincoats" (2021). Alys Maia: An amazing poet with an exceptional ability to paint spellbinding portraits with words.

"Pyrocumulus: Narratives From the Cyclonic Inferno" (2021). Mike Davidson & Jamie Santomasso: Mike and Jamie are, unquestionably, among the very best poets writing today.

"Children of the Empire: World on Fire" (2021). Birdy Rivers: - I've met Birdy (in real life) and she is charming and a lot of fun. And, she is also a very skilled storyteller.

Photo: Taken by Jimmy Broccoli on the porch of the Vegetable Tray.

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