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Book Review: Johanne Lee's "Kenneth the Kind"

Hi All

This is a brief book review.

Kindness goes a long way - it's a cliché - but it's true. Showing empathy towards others and treating them with kindness can make a difficult day better. We never know what others are going through and - being kind is the least we can do.

I've been a fan of Johanne Lee's poetry since I first discovered it almost 3 years ago - she is a highly talented poet. She also writes books for children - along with the fantastic illustrations, Johanne's stories are fun and well-developed - and, they all have positive, inspirational messages.

"Kenneth the Kind" is the latest book I've read by Johanne Lee. Kenneth is the good kid with a heart of gold - he cares about all around him - and, actively strives to help the animals in his neighborhood who need it.

It's a charming and heartwarming story. I highly recommend picking up a copy - whether you have children or if you enjoy re-visiting a bit of your childhood - "Kenneth the Kind" will make you smile. It's great writing and the colorful illustrations are brilliant. And - all proceeds go to charities that strive to actively make the world a better, kinder place.

A few months ago, Johanne Lee was up on the big screen in the Auditorium of the library I manage (I'm a library Branch Manager) - live from Manchester, England. She read two of her books to the very large (120 people attended) and excited crowd. Her story time is the most attended story time in my library's history - and, the library I manage is the busiest library in the state of Georgia (USA). It was a pleasure having Johanne join us!

If you'd like to check out "Kenneth the Kind" (or any other of Johanne's children's books) - you can find it here:

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli with Johanne Lee's "Kenneth the Kind" (yes - I know the title is backwards. I know how to flip an image - but I look better from this angle - so we'll go with it - Haha ).

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