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"Boy" - Jimmy Broccoli's Third Collection of Poems - is Available on Amazon Worldwide!

If you’ve read Broccoli’s first two collections of poems - “Damaged” and “Rabbits” - you are already familiar with his dark poetic landscapes, and you’ve already ventured down the rabbit hole to clearly see what had been veiled by darkness for years – you brought a flashlight with you and fresh backup batteries (just in case).

“Boy” is what happens after escaping the rabbit hole – it is when the reader crawls out of the blackness and no longer sees things by artificial light – it’s when you see the sun for the first time in ages – with the new brightness demanding you shield your eyes from the blinding rays – you look around you and see things clearly – seeing things as they truly are. In broad daylight you now can see the monsters - you see the multicolored street graffiti alongside the carefully and perfectly painted houses – you see the pain and the grief and the death – you see the hardships of life and are unable to look away – you can no longer simply turn the flashlight off when you no longer want to see what is in front of you - in “Boy” you no longer have that choice – you no longer have that luxury.

“Boy” is narrative poetry as you’ve not previously experienced poetry. It’s raw, honest, revealing, and bold.

As you adventure into the pages of “Boy”, bring sunscreen and shaded glasses. It’s bright outside – you can hide within the darkness no longer. All is before you now – in magnificent colors and in all its splendor.

I am with you on this journey. And, there is no turning back.

- Jimmy Broccoli ______________

As always - I am thankful for you hanging out with me on this journey - it continues to be a lot of fun!

If you'd like to pick up a copy, you can find one here :

United States:

United Kingdom:








Image: The cover of "Boy" - Jimmy Broccoli's 3rd collection of poems. The image was imagined by Jimmy Broccoli and created by Briana Botsford of Bots Media.

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