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Cocaine Ducks

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hi All

Yesterday, late morning, I had one of the most fun email exchanges, ever.

As I've done so often recently (to various artists I admire), I reached out to German Digital Hardcore musical artist Patric Catani (who is 50 shades of talented), half of super group Ec8or, asking if he would give me permission to use the song "Cocaine Ducks" as part of the Dance Party at the "A Very Special Poetry Reading with Jimmy Broccoli" in December at the Back to Nature Garden Center in Augusta, GA.

He said "yes" to my request (which is awesome!), but was super confused why a poet with coloring pages for children was requesting a super non-family-friendly song to be played at a live event (LOL). So, I emailed him my profanity heavy and adult-oriented mini-book - and he seems to mostly get it, though my (weird) American sense of humor might be somewhat lost in translation. Our email exchanges are hysterical (!) - and I'm quite sure he thinks I'm somewhat insane.

Cocaine Ducks (to be played at the live poetry reading):

I Don't Want To Be A Part of This:

Discriminate (Against) The Next Fashionsucker You Meet, It's a Raver:

It will be a pleasure to feature the music of Ec8or at the "A Very Special Poetry Reading with Jimmy Broccoli" event!

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