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Coloring Pages - Contest Winners

Hi All

I'm super excited - our first Coloring Contest Winners have been chosen!

I want to thank all of the children who took the time to color in the very special Jimmy Broccoli coloring pages! The talent these children possess is inspiring!

Our first contest winner is Janie Toppan, age 7. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her parents Peter and Bridget. Janie describes herself as "jolly" and is wanting to pursue a nursing career when she gets older. Janie wins a $65 gift certificate to The Disney Store. Congratulations!

Our second contest winner is Al Fish, age 9. He lives in Washington D.C. with his parents, Randall and Ellen. He enjoys werewolves and vampires and all things Jimmy Broccoli. Al wins a $65 gift certificate to Congratulations!

For the children who didn't win prizes this time around - don't worry, we'll have another coloring contest soon. Please stay tuned for details..

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