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"Damaged" - Released In December 2021 - Looking For Fan Art

Hi All

My first (real/professional) book, "Damaged" is scheduled to be released by the end of 2021.

It will include 40 of my poems, a few famous quotes, illustrations and fan art.

I will be selecting up to 8 pieces of fan art for the book. If your image/art is chosen, you'll be given full credit and can provide any contact/promotional info you want to be included (your website, other places they can find you, ways to purchase your art, etc.).

Below is a piece created by very talented artist (and previously featured on the Jimmy Broccoli page) Debra Estep. She creates digital art, light boxes (that are amazing!), and various other very clever and imaginative art. Her image is the first to be accepted.

Looking for 7 more. If interested in your image being considered for "Damaged", please submit your fan art (via Messenger) by no later than July 31st. All art must be PG-13 or tamer. Your art needs to have something to do with the themes of the page/website, whether it involve broccoli, celery (for Kelly Celery, our master story-teller), or that relates to one of my poems (or to it's theme), etc.

I consider the Jimmy Broccoli project a somewhat community-based project, rather than just me with a page and website. It is great to have all of you along for this amazing ride!

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