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David Bowie - The Concert I Walked out On

Hi All

By posting a song (and video) of David Bowie's, I strongly suspect I'm not introducing his music to anyone reading this.

I decided to post this tonight for two reasons. First, it's been 5 years (January of 2021) since Bowie left this world and because I "discovered" his music only a few years ago, in spite of his songs being on the radio my entire life. So, I figure there might be someone who is reading this who might be hearing Bowie for the first time. It's possible. And, even if not - you might agree this song is amazing and be happy to hear it again. Everybody wins.

In Las Vegas, on October 19th, 1995, I attended the "Outside" tour/concert, where Nine Inch Nails co-headlined (they opened, so they were kind of the opening act) with David Bowie. At the time I was a huge Nine Inch Nails fan (and still am) and (at that time) cared nothing about David Bowie - I had heard "Last Dance" and his remake of "Dancing in the Streets" with Mick Jagger years before and was not impressed. I, like approximately 50% of the audience, left the concert hall when Nine Inch Nails finished their set. Looking back, I can't believe I walked out on David Bowie.

But, to be fair, the David Bowie fans in the audience were probably disappointed, since Bowie refused to play any songs that weren't from his current album, "Outside", which was produced by Trent Reznor (NIN). There was no Ziggy Stardust, no Space Oddity, no Slim White Duke, or any other former identifies and the music that coincided with them. It was, I later read, Bowie playing his recent album - and that was all.

But, if Bowie were alive today, I'd attend his concert, no matter what songs he decided to perform - it would just be amazing to be in the same room.

David Bowie was a fascinating and complicated man - he helped redefine music over and over again, decade after decade in innovative and ground-breaking ways. I discovered his talent several years later than most - and I am so glad I, eventually, did.

So, for the (possible) 1 person reading this who isn't a fan of his or who is unaware of the music of David Bowie (and for everyone else, too) - here is him performing "5 Years" live - it's a perfect performance about the Earth dying and the end of civilization - how about that for a happy way to end the evening (Haha).

Here is "Five Years", and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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