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Digital Hardcore - With Bomb 20, Alec Empire & Atari Teenage Riot, & Ec8or

Hi All

Digital Hardcore began in Germany in 1992 and became an "official" music genre by 1994 when musician Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot) established the Digital Hardcore record label. Digital Hardcore is fast and abrasive hardcore punk with thrash metal, electronic music, hardcore techno, drum and bass and industrial rock. It's aggressive, it's violent, it's profane, and it dominates my playlists on at least a few days every month.

You're gonna love it (if you're adventurous to take a listen). Or, maybe you won't. If you dig Neil Diamond and/or Michael Bolton, Digital Hardcore is probably not your bag.

Gaining a good following in Germany (and some attention in England), Digital Hardcore never gained much of a following in the United States. I was the Fan Club President (yes, I was - and possibly am - that much of a nerd) of the Bomb 20 Fan Club (USA) and a proud and active member of the Alec Empire Fan Club (USA) - both until the early 2000s.

Several months ago I reached out to Patrick Catani, of EC8OR, and he, unpredictably, wrote back. He and I have exchanged emails since then. He is a really nice guy.

Although potentially of limited interest, this evening I present a few of my favorite Digital Hardcore bands and their best songs. It's an "acquired taste" I've thoroughly enjoyed for many years. The candle wick for the genre is all but burned out, but hardcore fans keep the excitement alive on social media and on music pages across the Internet.

Here are a few samples that represent the genre well. And I hope you enjoy them!

Image is David Skiba, better know as Bomb 20.

Ec8or - "Cocaine Ducks" (official video)

Atari Teenage Riot - "No Remorse (I Want To Die).

Alec Empire - "Everything Starts with a Fuck"

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