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Do You Want To Be A Veggie? Do You Want To Be A Fruit?

Hi All

So, I was thinking and wondering. There are all kinds of names for fans of various artists:

Fans of Nicki Manaj are Barbies

Fans of Mariah Carey are Sheep Fans of Josh Grobin are Grobinites Deadheads are fans of the Grateful Dead Fans of Jimmy Buffet are Parrotheads

So, what are folks who are fans of the poems of Jimmy Broccoli?

Thought we'd go with the obvious - they are Vegetables! And it supports diversity - you can be a carrot, an onion, a radish, or a multitude of other original and independent items packed with nutrients. You can even be a fruit - if you'd like. I've been called that a couple of times in life - and both times, I was watermelon. Without apologies.

Thank you all for being Vegetables and Fruits! You choose which one is right for you. Be you!

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