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Donnie Darko - Gary Jules - And Friends With Popcorn, Gummy Bears, and Nachos

Hi All

In 2001 the film "Donnie Darko" hit movie theatres and a few friends and I attended a showing in the mid-afternoon about half-way through it's theatrical run. We didn't leave. I visited the concessions stand and bought more popcorn (with extra butter) and an order of nachos and returned to my seat. My friends remained in their seats.

Then, when the second showing (for us) ended I said, "I think I'm going to stay" and all three friends stayed with me for a third viewing. The theatre staff didn't kick us out because we bought all kinds of junk food crap to be considered "paying customers" to not get kicked out.

After leaving the theatre, Gary Jules' "Mad World" dominated my thoughts for days. And, to this day - 20 years later - the song still haunts me.

It's an amazing song from an amazing film. It's everything a theatrical experience should be. Throw in a few friends - and it's a memory not easily forgotten.

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