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Dumpster Fire - Letter From A Fan

Hi All

I hope you all are having a wonderful autumn evening!

Late last night I received an interesting question/comment, via Messenger, I'd like to respond to (publically).

Of course, the sender will remain anonymous.

As you all know, I request those who receive an electronic or printed version of "My Anxiety Wants Ice Cream" to, after it is read, pass it on to someone else who might enjoy it. Question/Comment:

"JB It was nice of you to email me your book. Gotta say that it really sux and it's a total dumpster fire. Who th' f*** am I gonna give this shit to?"

My Response:

Dear Admiring Fan

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy "My Anxiety Wants Ice Cream", but appreciate your comments.

Knowing others think my work sucks helps me to strive to aim higher and become a better writer - your words are inspiration to me to become worthy of your praise. Maybe my next poetic offering will be less of a dumpster fire. One can, at least, dream.

As far as passing it on - since you hate it, why not give my mini-book to somebody you dislike? That works too. It could be a co-worker you despise, a pesky neighbor, or that family member you dread seeing at Thanksgiving dinner. That guy or woman who deserves lumps of coal in their Christmas stocking. You know who I'm talking about.

If you will, let "My Anxiety Wants Ice Cream" be your coal this holiday season - or the paper bag filled with animal feces you light on fire and put on someone's porch. I'll be happy to provide you with several copies (signed by me) to distribute to those you wish to piss off this holiday season. You can leave a fresh copy underneath a joyful fir tree, stuff a mini-book in a stocking hung by the fire with care or gift wrap it and send it through the mail to look like you actually spent money on a gift.

In any case - by the end of your intended victim reading my dumpster fire, they'll know how you really feel about them and, if you're lucky, you might ruin their entire holiday season. Thanks again for the comments and warm wishes!

All the best!

- Jimmy Broccoli #JimmyBroccoli

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