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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Broken God - Facebook Poetry Society

Hi All

I just learned something really exciting - and very surprising!

A wonderful friend - and super talented fellow poet - recommended I join the Facebook Poetry Society. It's a group of 68 thousand members. Initially I was a bit intimidated.

Two evenings ago I posted my poem "Broken God" and - as of about an hour ago - it has become the most liked poem of October 2020 (over 7,000 posts a month).

This afternoon, with 69 comments (and counting) - and over 132 like/loves, I am super humble and appreciative.

Of course, 3 members think my work is garbage - and they aren't shy in telling me their thoughts. One told me my poem sounded like random noise (and told me this was his "polite" response) - a second told me my words were unremarkable, unoriginal, and he's heard it all before - and a third complained about the image I used (it was too gay).

So, of course, I include the "offensive" image below (I've used it on this page before). I truly believe everyone has a right to his/her opinion and thoughts - but hate homophobia. And I hate it in aces.

As always, thank you for hanging with me on this project. It's fun - and it's pissing homophobic people off. Win-win.

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