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Happy New Year - 2021!

Hi All

I am posting my "Happy New Year" message early for 2 reasons - 1. There is no chance I'll be awake at midnight and 2. The Jimmy Broccoli page is fortunate to have 8 Vegetable Tray members in the United Kingdom and 2 in India So, now, everyone online will get the message before the clock strikes midnight!

I'm wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and hope the coming year with be gentler than the previous one.

May you (and all of us) be granted goodness in 2021 and may all the things you were forced to give up or mostly put on pause (family gatherings, getting together with friends, leaving the house, joy, etc.) become part of your life, again.

I am expecting (with optimism) 2021, in comparison to 2020, to be filled with more smiles, more empathy and understanding, more kindness, and the ability to stress and worry less.

I know many are walking into 2021 with caution - I am running towards the New Year - with the understanding it may take awhile for life to get better - but it's coming and I fully expect to welcome joy back into my life again and for it to take a seat at my table as often as life will allow.

May most (or all - but, got to keep things real) of your dreams and your ambitions and goals greet you during the coming year. I say goodbye to 2020 with harsh words - and welcome 2021 as a friend.

May it bring lots of goodness back into all of our lives.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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