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"Him" - Published by The Cabinet of Heed

Hi All

I have a second really exciting announcement for the day!

A few months ago, a poet with a somewhat similar writing style introduced me to the literary review, "The Cabinet of Heed".

I hadn't previously heard of the publication - so I took the time to learn more about it and I've read several of the past offerings. This literary review occasionally releases a collection of writings (mostly short story fiction - with a few poems per issue) with really amazing artwork to accompany the written work - which is often unique, thought-provoking and detailed to the point of occasionally being intimidating. This is a publication for the curious, the "artsy" and the particular (without being too pretentious).

Yesterday I was notified by publisher, Simon Webster, that I've been selected as one of the few poets for Issue #41 (to be released SOON) and my poem, "Him" has been chosen to fill a couple of the pages.

"Him" is my first spoken word writing and, even though the reviews of the live reading of it have been very positive, I never expected the written version of the poem to be accepted by any publication. I've posted "Him" twice on this page and the video (posted a couple of weeks ago) of the reading is 14 times more popular (among followers of the Jimmy Broccoli page and a few other sites where the poem has been shared) than the poem in written form.

Among my work (ever), "Him" is the most rejected poem I've ever submitted to various publishers. It was rejected by 14 publications before The Cabinet of Heed agreed to publish it. "Him" has finally found a home most welcoming - and I couldn't be happier about it!

The photo of me below may look like I'm unhappy - but I'm truly not. I took the photo moments after receiving the news of "Him" being published and that is my look of "FINALLY!" I don't need everything I write to be published, but "Him" has a special place in my heart and it was important (to me) I find it a good home.

It is with great anticipation and excitement that I wait for "Him" to be among the pages of issue #41. The audience of The Cabinet of Heed is very specific - and it's the audience that, I suspect, will appreciate my work. Here's hoping...

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