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Jimmy Broccoli Appearance: Alpharetta Library

Hi All

I will be at the Alpharetta Library in Alpharetta, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta) reading my poetry in their Auditorium & Theatre (1st floor).

If you're local, feel free to drop by (it's a free event) - if not, I'm certain a few photos will be taken (and I will share them later).

With my second collection of poems coming out - "Rabbits" - on October 31st, I'm starting to book speaking/reading engagements. I am already booked at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta (yes, I'll be reading my poems at a cemetery event) and I am booked at The Earl Dolive Theatre at Oglethorpe University ("An Evening with Jimmy Broccoli") - both in November - and look forward to booking additional dates and locations. I will share information about these events as promotions for them are created.

A big thank you goes to The Alpharetta Library for featuring me (and others) next Monday - I am truly grateful for the opportunity!

Image: Created by Briana Botsford of Bots Media.

Image: Promo poster for the poetry reading.

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