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Jimmy Broccoli - First In-Person Appearance!

Hi All

I have an announcement - and I'm super excited about it!

On Saturday, March 26th from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, I'll be making my first in-person appearance at the Harlem Arts Center (Council) for a meet-and-greet, to perform my poetry in front of a live audience for the first time, and to sign copies of "Damaged".

And - you'll be able to attend (if you'd like) - parts of the event will be streamed online in order for people, worldwide, to virtually attend.

And - three amazing authors will be joining. Augusta (and superstar) poet Catherine Zickraff will be signing books, meeting fans, and presenting her poetry and children's author Tunesia Williams and young adult novelist Santita D'Anjou will also be joining. And - it wouldn't be a Jimmy Broccoli event without Resident Master Storyteller Kelly Celery - she'll be attending too!

The past 18 months (since this project began) have been incredible and a lot of fun - and it's because of you. Thank you for being an amazing part of all of this - I appreciate you reading and following my work and (virtually) hanging out with me.

More details about the event at the Harlem Arts Center (to include virtual opportunities to attend) will be released soon!

Promotional poster created by Briana Botsford of Botsford Media.

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