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Jimmy Loves It, But Everybody Else Thinks It Sucks - Mallory with "God's Work"

Hi All

Just for fun, today I'm kicking off a new weekly feature to the Jimmy Broccoli page. Every Thursday I'll present "Music Jimmy Loves, But Everyone Else Thinks It Sucks".

For the open-minded, this is your opportunity to discover amazing and often undiscovered (by the masses) music you'll not likely find on your favorite radio stations or preferred online sites.

So, let's kick up our heels as we dance to the inaugural celebration of "Music Jimmy Loves, But Everyone Else Thinks It Sucks".


This week I am excited to share with you a very special audience-created video from an amazing group I've admired for better than a decade.

It's Mallory with "God's Work" (live in Massachusetts) and it is highly likely you'll think it sucks.


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