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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Lorn, Acid Rain, & Dead Cheerleaders

Hi All

According to a few handed down Native American myths, when we die we come face to face with Death (himself) - and he grants us one last dance before we step forward onto the other side. It's a person's last opportunity to shine while existing (for only moments) between the land of the living and the land of the dead.

In 2015 the UK Music Awards jury members - surprisingly - voted "Acid Rain", Lorn's visual masterpiece, as the Best Dance Song/Video of the year. This isn't a typical song or dance video - an automobile accident outside of a diner, 5 dead cheerleaders, outward sadness and sorrow, implied regret... - and a story, through dance, told flawlessly.

I highly suspect "Acid Rain" is the darkest video to win a national/international mainstream award for choreography and cinematography. The concept is brilliant, the dancing is on-point, and the song and the music fit into the story and the mythology perfectly.

Here is the 2015 UK Music Awards winner for "Best Dance Video" - an emotional, powerful, and intense final dance before Death himself.

Lorn's "Acid Rain":

Pictured: Lorn (composer, musician, and video storytelling visionary)

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