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Marco Polio - Performance

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Hi All

In late 2020, I had a vision of the Jimmy Broccoli page being a combination of poetry and music. My plan was to occasionally feature a musician or band I loved - while continuing to post poetry. Then - I learned many musicians are not as easy to get along with as I had hoped... (Haha)

The first musical act booked played live - and then demanded all video be erased immediately (he is a bit of a tool). Other musicians were very kind and allowed me to use their music in my poetry promotions - these musicians include Patric Catani (of Ec8or), Forest Swords (Matthew Barnes), Efrim Menuck (of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and A Silver Mt. Zion), Zebulon Whatley (of Sons of Perdition), and Zack Religious (of Blackbird Raum). I give a (HUGE) Thank You to these awesome musicians who took the time to speak with me and then gave me permission to use their music. And - a thank you goes to Rough Trade Records UK for putting me in touch with Efrim Menuck.

I won't mention the musicians and bands who were shitty (no need to promote them ) - but, I will mention who was awesome and who went FAR BEYOND anything I ever expected for a performance. Marco Polio!

Matt Hall & Austin Petrashune (Marco Polio) came out of a 3 year retirement to perform for the Jimmy Broccoli audience (exclusively). Both guys were/are super nice, easy to deal with - and their performance is mind-blowing.

One of my requests (for the performance) was "Saint Song #3" - a song the band had never performed live in their over 10 year playing career - they kindly accepted to play it (on guitar, even though it was written for keyboards).

If you notice, Austin is (mostly) improvising the violin portion of "Saint Song #3" - and he really knocks it out of the park during the second half of the song!

For those who may have missed this (the performance first aired about 2 1/2 years ago) - here is Marco Polio playing exclusively for the Jimmy Broccoli audience - and this is their performance:

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