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My Poems in Open Skies' Anthology "Somewhere Down the Yellow Brick Road" & on the Horror Sleaze Trash Website

Hi All

I hope you are having an amazing day and a great year so far!

I am very happy one of my poems has been picked up by Horror Sleaze Trash (you know you've made it to the Big Leagues when Horror Sleaze Trash accepts your work - with all joking aside, they are awesome people and it's an honor to have my work published there - my poem can be found here: it is the 4th or 5th poem down the page)! Thanks to Arthur and India for including my poem!

And, I am super excited three of my poems are included in Open Skies Poetry's new anthology, "Somewhere Down the Yellow Brick Road" - I've read it from cover to cover and it's an exceptional collection! A HUGE thank you goes to Courtney Glover, publisher and editor, for including my poems. Below, is my poem, "Her Name is Isabelle - and She Looks Lovely at the End of Her Leash in Her Smart Summer Sweater" - one of the poems included within the anthology's pages.

So far 2024 has been gentle and wonderful - may this trend continue - for all of us! Happy 2024!


Her Name is Isabelle – And She Looks Lovely at the End of the Leash in her Smart Summer Sweater

The gentle rain barely remains from the evening before –

it presents itself beautifully upon the edges of the sticks of the bird’s nest –

the water droplets cling and shimmer delicately to the first light of the early morning sun

while the young chicks reach towards their mother to learn the plan for the day

Our apartment bedroom window nestles against the outside treetops –

My dog and I begin the day, as we always do, to a symphony of birdsong –

Melodious masterpieces as my dog yelps and dances around the kitchen with happiness

as he hears the crinkling of the plastic bag of treats being opened

I forecast the day will bring nothing but sunshine…

clear skies, a BBQ afternoon, a lazy day by the pool or playing fetch for hours at the dog park

the bird’s nest begins to dry – as yesterday’s rain becomes a memory

It appears today is a day for frisbees – they are everywhere in all directions –

My dog and I visit the ducks and the geese at the edge of the park lake –

we greet them with cracked corn and with enthusiastic hellos

My dog prances about with inextinguishable excitement –

another dog – a little smaller than he is – passes by –

A pink bow in the hair and clad in a smart early summer dog sweater

“Would you like to join us?”, I ask the woman on the other side of the leash –

“That sounds splendid”, she smiles –

and they join us as we enjoy the day and give cracked corn to the ducks and geese

Her name is Laura and her dog is “Isabelle”

“I’m Jimmy”, I tell her – “and this is Bow Wow”

Isabelle lays only inches away from Bow Wow –

and I can’t help but think they are exchanging glances…

The ducks begin to swim away – as our cracked corn supply dwindles

“It’s a lovely day”, Laura exclaims –

“Yes, it is – absolutely lovely”, I reply

Picnic baskets, coolers, and throw blankets cover the lush landscape –

as smooth jazz emanates from a nearby boom-box or car radio speakers –

…a saxophone solo sounds as the rustling wind gently shakes a few leaves from the trees –

They elegantly parachute to new landscapes below –

The green grass and the winding sidewalks accepts their arrival

Laura and I plan a playdate with Isabelle and Bow Wow for this weekend…

She (Laura) will make and bring the sandwiches and I’m bringing the champagne and the chew toys


“So – what do you think, Bow Wow?”, I ask as he snuggles close to me on the couch as we enjoy watching television together

He looks up at me – and I see nothing but love –

“Yeah, I think Isabelle is very pretty – and very lady-like”.

Bow-Wow briefly looks away, as if he is embarrassed – though I’m certain he agrees

The late afternoon sun says a gentle goodnight to the incoming darkness -

the light lays down it’s sleepy head and gives into the Sandman’s demands

Tomorrow Bow Wow and I will wake to the breathtaking symphony of birdsong…

as we wake to new possibilities, to new beginnings, and to another day to live –

to live –

…and it’s beautiful

If you wish to pick up a copy of "Somewhere Down the Yellow Brick Road", you can find one here:

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli with scraggly hair and in need of a haircut (I got one this past Friday).

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