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Naming the Broccoli Buddy Contest

Hi All

Congratulations goes to Darlene Gregg, from Pearland, Texas (USA), for winning the Jimmy Broccoli contest prize package.

The contest asked the question: I’ve had my Broccoli Buddy (please see photo below), a happy import from Luxembourg, for a little over a year and I’ve never given him a name. What should I name my Broccoli Buddy?

Darlene suggested: Brahms the Genius Broccoli Brain - and, for sake of brevity (and because it's easier for me to remember), I've shorted the name to Brahms Broccoli (with his full name to be used during formal occasions). Thank you Darlene for submitting the winning suggestion!

Darlene will receive one autographed 11" x 17" Jimmy Broccoli "Damaged" (in perfect condition) poster, one autographed Jimmy Broccoli sample book of poems, "My Anxiety Wants Ice Cream", and a super fun "Jimmy Broccoli for Poet Laureate 2022" bumper sticker. And I'll throw in Jimmy Broccoli coloring pages - because who doesn't love to color?

Special mention goes to all others who participated. The contest received many really fun and clever suggestions. Interestingly, most contest players' submissions involved impressive usages of alliteration or rhyme. Very nice!

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