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  • Jimmy Broccoli

New Sponsor For Kelly Celery Story Time!

Hi All

I have some very exciting news - The Kelly Celery story times have a new and exciting sponsor!

I'd like to give a big THANK YOU (!) to the Montezuma Adult Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers of America for sponsoring our very special story times for children!

From their website:

Is mommy talking funny again? Can daddy not leave the crack pipe alone? They might want to (or be court ordered to do so) take advantage of our very affordable outpatient opportunities at one of our convenient locations or choose to stay with us at our reasonable accommodations at one of our highly rated in-patient facilities. We, at Montezuma are here to help! "It's where mommy and/or daddy get better!".

I'm super excited the story times for children now have a sponsor - and proud to give a very warm Vegetable Tray welcome to the Montezuma Adult Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for helping to support us!


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