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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Open Skies Poetry Literary Magazine

Hi All

A little over a year ago, "Open Skies Poetry" (Shrouded Eyes Press) was one of the first literary/poetry magazines to accept my work. I was, at that time, completely unknown and I celebrated the day I received the email from Keith Sparks (editor) letting me know my poem "After Life" was selected to be included in the latest issue (Volume 3).

In addition to my writing, "Open Skies" has published the work of many of my favorite poets. It's a "go-to" for excellent verse. And, all issues are available for viewing online for free at

Volume Seven will soon be released and I'm looking forward to it. Along with outstanding poetry within it's pages, "Open Skies" provides a list (with book cover images) of notable recent poetry releases - and "Damaged" is included in this listing. I am honored and very appreciative of the mention.

If unfamiliar with "Open Skies", I recommend taking a look. It's where excellent poetry is located - and where it's going.

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