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Sigur Ros & "Vaka" - Underdog Taking Highest Honors

Hi All

I'm sharing this with you all this evening because it's absolutely beautiful.

It's the underdog taking home the trophy - for once.

At the 2003 European MTV Video Music Awards, this video won "Best Video of the Year", beating out Missy Elliott, Queens of the Stone Age, U.N.K.L.E., and the White Stripes. The band almost didn't attend because they thought there was no chance of winning. Like many of us, in our daily lives, they were happy to be noticed at all.

This is Sigur Ros with "Untitled #1", known to fans as "Vaka". It is a brilliant and creative expression that gained the attention of MTV, multiple music critics, and caught the attention of thousands of fans (established and new) around the world.

The underdog won - and the song and the video's merits are well deserved.

But, as many things I share on my page, this video isn't for everyone. When the world turns upside down, the desire to return to normalcy can be overwhelming. And there are often consequences.

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