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Squirmy & Grubbs - An Interabled Couple

Hi All

The lockdown of 2020, I'm sure, will provide multiple interesting stories for years to come for many of us.

The lockdown, for me, consisted of learning how to use Zoom (which I'm totally disenchanted with at the moment), playing thousands of YouTube music videos, becoming a fan of opera (who knew that would happen?) and discovering the videos of Squirmy and Grubbs.

Squirmy and Grubbs consist of Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward - an interabled couple who frequently post videos to share their non-traditional relationship with the world. And, to my request to post one of their videos (with their story on this page), I received the kindest letter (ever) from Hannah, which I'll keep forever. They really are as friendly as they appear in their videos.

Shane and Hannah have enjoyed an interabled relationship for the past 4 years. Shane has a severe muscle wasting disease and uses a wheelchair - Hannah has no physical challenges. Shane is a celebrated author, while Hannah is a student, videographer, and is the love and caretaker of Shane.

The videos of Shane and Hannah are educational, eye-opening, and - quite honestly - a lot of fun! Interabled relationships isn't a topic I opening sought out to learn more about but, as YouTube often does (and does well), one of their videos was a "suggestion", so. after the initial suggestion, I spent the next 40 minutes learning more about Shane, Hannah, and their relationship. And, since, I've watched dozens of their videos.

Their relationship is misunderstood by many (based on the comments and letters they receive - they talk often about these), so they provide videos with topics about various aspects of their relationship to educate others. Their relationship is no different than any I've ever had (except theirs works well and is a positive force ).

Shane and Hannah are the type of people you want to hang out with. They are good people with all the same problems, issues, and challenges we all face.

It is with much appreciation that Shane and Hannah have given me permission to post one of their videos here on the Jimmy Broccoli page. It is a privilege to welcome Shane and Hannah to the Vegetable Tray!!!!!

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