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The Night I Met Kristine W

Hi All

During a very late night in the warmer months of 2006 I met musician Kristine W at the Jungle night club in Atlanta, GA. The introduction was thanks to my friend Christopher Van Pelt. He came out to the main floor - where I was standing with a cocktail - and asked me, "Do you want to meet Kristine W"?

I hesitated, so he took me by the hand and, through a landscape of neon, techno, and fantasies realized, we walked passed four very large, intimidating gentlemen to a brightly lit, uninviting dressing room.

My friend Chris said, "Kris, this is my best friend Jeff". She turned around and greeted me as if I were a good friend. All I could utter was, "You're Kristine W". "Yes I am", she said with a smile. We both sat down beneath tragic lighting.

For the next 7 minutes she and I, uninterrupted, talked about music. Her laugh is totally contagious and I fell in love that evening.

With that said, here is Kristine W with "Feel What You Want" - just one of many hits she had on the dance charts. Get out your party shoes - you're going to need them.

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