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Tori Amos - "Spark" & A Brief Meeting

Hi All

One late evening during the summer of 1992 my best friend and I sat in his darkened living room tolerating the second-hand furniture, the sliding glass door fully open as we listened to Tori Amos' "Little Earthquakes" for the first time. We drank inexpensive American beer and mentally inhaled nearly 58 minutes of perfection.

As the rain gently assaulted the roof of the apartment, I became a life-long fan.

Three years later I would meet Tori outside of an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas. I greeted her with a tacky Ace of Spades greeting card (bought at the next door tourist emporium). I said hello and she, perhaps a foot way (and without security guards), smiled and took my card. I just said, "Thank you" and she replied, "you're welcome". It is perhaps the most honest conversation I've ever had.

I'm a big fan of "Little Earthquakes", "Under the Pink" and - my favorite, "Boys for Pele". "From the Choirgirl Hotel", that followed "Pele", not so much. But "Spark", from that album is one of Tori's most powerful and was the inspiration behind my poem, "Abduction", the second Jimmy Broccoli poem to be published and the first and only to be published within a crime magazine.

Here is Tori Amos with "Spark". A powerful song and video - and a highlight of a most celebrated career.

I hope you enjoy it.

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