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  • Jimmy Broccoli

XTC & My Fifteenth Year

Hi All

During my 15th year, my life turned upside down in many ways. I lost many friends and met new friends who remain in my life today, I learned about and held close to my heart many anarchist principles and ideologies, I discovered punk music, I learned what a freethinker was (and became one), I became a smoker (a habit I would quit decades later), I began to write poetry, I was introduced to sign language and theatre and participated in both fully, I first read the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, and I ignited my life-long love of philosophy, critical thinking, and debate.

It’s the year I became the ME that I recognize and understand today. With a few adjustments made along the way.

It is the year my hair was dyed blue for the first time and the first year my jeans were ripped (on purpose). It’s the year I first fit into life comfortably.

Many of my decisions and changes were not met with approval. So – as I do today when I feel the world is against me – I found comfort in music to get me through the days.

During my 15th year I was introduced to the music of XTC. It was a big deal. On days and nights when I felt alone, their album “Skylarking” gave me comfort. And I’ve enjoyed many songs from albums released since.

Here is XTC with “Dear God” (and a few other song links). During my 15th year, this song kind of saved my life. It reminded me I wasn’t alone in my convictions and it was okay to disagree with established thinking. It made a difference – and that is the reason I share it here.

I hope you enjoy it!

Photo: Andrew Partridge

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