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Cheerio's Book Reviews - Courtney Glover & Michael E. Duckwall

Hi All

Today begins a new segment on the Jimmy Broccoli page - Cheerio's Book Reviews - written by me and my Anxiety Bunny Rabbit (pictured below), Cheerio.

Today's book selections are Courtney Glover's, "In Your Darkest Dreams" and Michael E. Duckwall's "Ramblings of a Recovering Poet". ______________

Courtney Glover's "In Your Darkest Dreams":

What I immediately love about this collection of poems is it's size - it easily fits into a pants' back pocket - so it's portable. The cover art is absolutely striking and haunting (the cover was created by Keith Sparks) - it's a good image to introduce the dark writings inside.

"In Your Darkest Dreams" is a macabre collection of tenebrous nightmares, malevolent monsters, ominous shadows and dark dreams.

Here is a sample from the collection:

Edgar, Oh Edgar

Edgar, oh Edgar, how melancholy your writings are. With ghosts and ghouls, and nefarious ravens from a’far.

With still-beating long-dead hearts hidden under floorboards that creek And long-lost loves risen from the grave and in the dawn make their hasty retreat

Macabre musings mixed with unrequited love and solemn grief Edgar, dear sweet Edgar…a talente

d and troubled soul are thee.

Cheerio (and I) give "In Your Darkest Dreams" 5 stars out of 5. It's extraordinary poetry!

If you'd like to pick up a copy:

Michael E. Duckwall's "Ramblings of a Recovering Poet":

Michael is one of my favorite poets - his verse is unique, brilliantly imagined, powerfully told, and is always interesting and enjoyable to read. And, I find much of his work highly relatable.

What I love most about Michael's poetry is it's re-readability. His poems are so well-written and thought-provoking, I'll often read a poem of his a second or third time because they are that good.

Here is a sample from the collection:

My Dog

We have to Find a third party

Someone with No dog In this fight

An unbiased opinion To end the Arguin’

Because my dog Is tired

It’s over all The fightin;

It just wants Someone to Take it out back

Like Old Yeller

Find someone who Loves it

To put it down

I’ll even Load the gun

You just have to Pull the trigger

That is If you love me Enough

Oh, did I say me

I meant my dog

Cheerio (and I) give "Ramblings of a Recovering Poet" 5 stars out of 5. It's among my favorite collections of poetry (ever).

If you'd like to pick up a copy:

Pictured: Cheerio - the Anxiety Bunny Rabbit - with Courtney Glovers' "In Your Darkest Dreams" and Michael Duckwall's "Ramblings of a Recovering Poet".

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