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Spotlight: Linnet Phoenix

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hi All

It's Sunday - which means I present the work of a really talented artist or writer. Today, I'm really excited to present the poem, "Abigail", written by English poet Linnet Phoenix.

I ran across Linnet's poem, "Abigail" (featured below), a couple of weeks ago and immediately became a fan of her work. I've, since, read several of her poems and continue to enjoy discovering more and more of her offerings. Linnet tells poetic tales in creative and unique ways that beg to be read and re-read. It is a privilege to have one of Linnet's poems posted here on the Jimmy Broccoli page.

In Her Own Words: Linnet Phoenix is a poet currently residing in a village in North Somerset, England. She has been writing for years and sharing for the past decade. Her hobbies include reading, buying poetry books and horse riding. 'Abigail' was first published by Open Skies Quarterly.

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