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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Damiana, My Beloved

She runs energetically, youthfully, & playfully across the seemingly never-ending meadow –

with overgrown grass the color of shamrocks – or of emeralds –

the wind caressing and bending the tall and wild grasses -

marigolds dotting the vast landscape with their brilliant and piercing yellows –

It’s spring and everything is growing – everything is blooming –

My daughter – on all four legs – she is running –

Her tongue just barely sticking out of her mouth, adorably –

She is playing – she is happy –


Damiana –

Damiana, my beloved

She is happy 



Chew toys and tug-o-war ropes rain down from a cloudless azure sky

Her favorite food – the $15.99 a bag from the fancy store we’d visit on her birthday – it magically appears -

Dog dishes – glimmering brightly in the morning spring sun –

magnificent and piercing jewel-toned purples, blues, and majestic golds

A nearby stream – peaceful and calming – a gathering place

Damiana now leans over and laps up the stream water –

Careful not to lean too forward and get her paws wet

(Damiana doesn’t like when her paws get wet)

it’s clear, refreshing and eternal


There is no “bath time” or grooming appointments –

Hair and nails don’t grow here – they remain perfectly kept and manicured –

No assistance or effort is required

The sun and the moon tag team throughout the day and throughout the night –

accommodating mid-day and early evening naps and other moments of slumber


Damiana naps peacefully beside her sister and her two brothers

They nap together, sleeping soundly and uninterrupted –

Soon the sun will present itself to welcome the afternoon –

Just in time for late day scampering, play time and group walks –

No leashes required



The multi-colored bridge – as brilliant as Bifröst


it’s like an impossibly large bag of Skittles exploded –

Damiana – every day – for just a moment – stands at the edge of the bridge –

to see if I am there – to see if am there to join her –

then she runs back to her sister and to her two brothers to let them know I have not yet arrived

She will return to the bridge tomorrow and will the next day and during the days that follow


One day she will see me on the bridge – walking towards her –

no - I will be running – me running like I’ve never run before –

running fast to meet her on the other side


I will bring treats with me – so many treats – so many of her favorite treats –

And she and I (and her sister and her two brothers) will sit by the magnificent and placid stream, them eating treats – delicious treats –

just before mid-day nap time


We will run through the meadows together –

We will run through the meadows together


Once again – as we did before




Damiana, my beloved is dead

(I’m certain you already knew that)


And I will forever believe the fantasy over the reality

I will forever believe the fantasy over the reality

I will forever believe the fantasy over the reality


I will forever believe the fantasy over the reality



Damiana, my beloved is dead

Damiana is dead


And my world fell apart and all happiness ended the moment she took her last breath …


I believe the fantasy –

to prevent me from extinguishing my own life

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli.

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