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  • Jimmy Broccoli

The Telling of the Fall of the Slithering King

The Rabbit Lord falls hard upon his knees in unbelieving mourning and in pain

The dirt beneath him is becoming mud as the tragedy brings the unrelenting rain

His friend is unmoving, his beautiful scales lay still upon the earthly mound

No one could save their magnificent friend – not even the God of the Ground


All of the forest animal folk gather round’ crestfallen and unbelieving

The skies rain down and the stars dim their lights in unified grieving

The Slithering King, he no longer moves stealthily through the grasses, tall

The New Gods have killed him – during the initial battle our beautiful friend did fall


The owls weep extremely, as their tears mix with the rain that penetrates the ground

Standing tall, the Old God’s hooves are planted firmly upon the mound

His anger is then unleashed – his violent and agonizing roar is heard across the land

The animals grab their weapons, ready to confront the enemy – ready to take a stand



With the Slithering King’s severed head – with jeweled crown - held high into the air

The Rabbit Lord’s war-cry erases all uncertainty – doing away with all despair

Within his paw, his friend’s head becomes a symbol of the forest animals’ rage

Unadulterated hate and vengeance reign - all weaponed animals ready to engage


“Kill them all – they killed our serpent king”, the snakes all bitterly hiss

“We will cut them down – we will take their lives – as they did our king – never forget this!”

The Rabbit Lord begins to sharpen all of the weapons – the animals are ready for revenge

The forest will not change – we will fight for it – for it to remain as it always has been



“We will end the red time of the year” – the Horned God proclaims

“We will destroy their doctrine, our forest will be reclaimed”

… the Rabbit Lord speaks urgently to all of the animal forest folk

And, with every word – with every command - the forest trembled as the Rabbit Lord spoke




The sheep, the lambs – their baa baas quickly become desperate bleating

The New Gods run from the forest – their trotters quickly retreating

“Do not let them get away”, the Old God commands as he quickens his pace

“We will defeat them, so that they will not return – to make them forever leave this place”


The Rabbit Lord quickens his hop – he will not let any get away

There will be blood soaking the land from the beginning to the end of this vengeful day

The Old God – his antlers raised in the air high and proud

Their vengeance would be swift – it would be complete – as he had avowed



The next morning, the sun shone brightly upon the land

Blood-soaked and reeking of death so that others might not misunderstand

All war – all killing – and the destroying of others – it will immediately cease

If they leave the forest animal folk alone – allowing them their tranquil peace



From a distance the forest animals hear Aslan loudly roar

He is set on vengeance to avenge his fallen sheep and lambs – to settle the score



The Horned God stands proud and triumphant beside the Rabbit Lord upon the mound

“Ultimate victory will be ours” proclaims the Old God –


… so proclaims, the God of the Ground

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