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  • Jimmy Broccoli

The Fable of the Horned God, The Rabbit Lord, and the Forest Animal Folk

Deeper into the forest the Horned God – the Ancient One – hurries

News of coming war – [we must prepare (!)] – with him he carries

His galloping awakens the early morning animal forest folk

Even the trees are springing to life – the maples, the elms, & even the oak


The Old God – his antlers many and metallic charcoal black

He speaks with his animal brethren – he shares his plan of attack

The Rabbit Lord listens intently, as he sits close to the Old God

Hearing every word, he gives his new friend an occasional approving nod


His tongue forked; the Slithering King wears his royal crown of scales

He moves stealthily through the grass, warning those around with his rattling tail

He reaches the meadow, he reaches the grassy & mossy clearing

He begins to listen to the Old God – and begins to pay attention to what he is hearing


The wise owls look down upon the gathering from tall up in the trees

The Old God’s voice booms loudly - carried upwards to the owls by a gentle breeze


The New Gods are coming – they are not much further than from over the mound

They bring with them their doctrine – to spread their rules afar – and into the underground

“We will stand strong – with our hooves, our scales, our paws & our feet

We will not be defeated – we fight till the end – there will be no retreat”


The Rabbit Lord sniffs the electric air with his nose sharp and keen

He and the Slithering King direct the animals out of the clearing, into the forest, where they will not be easily seen

The forest birds circle the air, lengthening their claws - ready to defend

The New Gods & their doctrine are not welcome – the forest must remain as it has always been


“We do not wish to harm others”, the owls hoot as they sit on their branches

“You do not need to, wise-ones”, the Old God replies – “just let us know as the enemy advances”


As day extinguishes, the stars present themselves magnificently, growing brighter as day fades into night

They litter the obsidian canvas, twinkling, dowsing the heaven’s darkness with their muted light

The forest animals drink in the moon – its radiance drips down upon the scene

Even with the gentle glow, the animal forest folk are shadowed and cannot be easily seen


The Rabbit Lord stands proudly by the Old God’s side, weapon in hand

He has ruled the Rabbit Kingdom – has, for millennia, watching over and protecting the land

“They do not expect we will be ready and waiting”, the Old God speaks to comfort his new friend

“As soon as they come within striking distance, we will rise - our land and our ways, we will fight to defend”


The red time of the year is upon us (!)

The red time of the year is upon us (!)


“We are one - stand strong!”, says the Old God - his head held up high

Muffled footfalls are quickly approaching –


war is nigh


Image: OpenAI.

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