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Spotlight: Marilyn Botta

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

This week I am excited to share with you the photographs of photographer (and writer) Marilyn Botta.

Marilyn and I are both members of the Bookworms writer's group in Augusta, GA and have known each other for a good number of years. Marilyn, in addition to being an accomplished photographer, is also a writer - mostly of short stories and commentary that often remain with you long after the last word is spoken or the last line is read. Her writing is of the quality that demands after-meeting discussion and reflection. And, Marilyn is an excellent cook and makes the best broccoli casserole in the world.

Along with her photos, Marilyn has provided us with "Behind the Photographs" - glimpses into the thoughts behind the images. Today, it is with great honor to feature Marilyn Botta's photos on the Jimmy Broccoli page!

Electric Daydreams – I love music and I had always wanted to take pictures of musicians. I find them fascinating. I envisioned someone with their guitar playing in a dark, smoky room. I had a musician friend who agreed to pose for me. I knew I wanted the shot to be dark and moody. I brought all my lighting gear over to his house, set up a black background, positioned myself on the side, and started shooting. I think I captured the essence of a man and his electric guitar. This was a finalist at the Augusta Photo Festival in 2020.

Pink and Yellow Lilies – I bought some lilies that had not bloomed yet. When they finally did I jumped into action because you need to photograph them when they are just bloomed and fresh. I positioned the flowers in a vase in my studio. I was actually experimenting using different lighting and settled on a speed light. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the result. After editing, the final version was beautiful. This won an award at the Augusta Photo Festival in 2018.

Apples and Cheese – I took this picture about a year ago based on an assignment in my Chicks that Click group. The topic was pretty broad and was simply, “Apples.” I staged this Still Life upstairs in my makeshift studio. I used both red and green apples for contrast and put them in a basket I had. Then I used Brie and Cheddar cheeses placed on a cutting board. I took this with a strobe light against a black background. I think it looks good enough to eat. This was a finalist at the Augusta Photo Festival in 2020.

Girl at Train Depot – I did a photo shoot through my group at the Aiken Train Station early in the morning on Saturday. We had some friends who agreed to be our models dressed in vintage clothing. This picture was taken with the girl in front of a train at an angle, with the background and train blurred out. I happened to catch her demur expression. This is one of my favorites and also won an award at the Augusta Photo Festival in 2018.

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