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  • Jimmy Broccoli

All Hail! All Hail the Rabbit Lord!

[The Red Time of the Year is Close at Hand]


Slay the talking animal from the wardrobe –

he is not what you think he is!



The Rabbit Lord looks down from his grassy hill –

his rabbits gather around him,

they are listening, they are waiting…


The lambs and the sheep,

they baa baa and are bleating loudly in the meadow below–

Causing a tremendous ruckus –

The time of the Lamb is over…


The Rabbit Lord stands proudly upon his hill,

watching those down below

as the rabbits stand alongside and all around him



The Rabbit Lord admiringly addresses the Horned God –

“It is your time, ancient one –

as it is mine”


The horned one speaks, his voice rumbling the landscape

as if sudden thunder has presented itself

“I will keep the wolves and the foxes away from your lair, dear Rabbit -

You will not be in danger”



The horned one speaks (to all):


Gather the wild dogs and the wild hogs…

Gather the deer…

Gather everything in the forest that breathes and that walks on all fours –

Gather everything that slithers and embraces the ground as they travel…



The Rabbit Lord sniffs the air – and it smells like blood –

it smells like war –

it smells like change…


We are many –

and we will multiply to become even more –

to stand alongside the herd and the army of the Horned God


Morning birds – at the dawn –

sing us songs of glory –

sing us songs of triumph and rebirth

Sing birds – Sing!



The lambs and the sheep are suddenly terrified

– they are bleating and baa baaing wildly

They see the Rabbit Lord standing upon the grassy hill above –

They see his jeweled crown proudly set upon his rabbit head –

they see the jewels sparkling brilliantly in the mid-day sun

They see him looking down at them…

The lambs and the sheep begin to run – they begin to run fast –

as the heavy footfalls from wolves hungrily approach -

as the foxes leave their dens to join the wolves…


…while the Rabbit Lord watches from his grassy hill above

 with his rabbits listening and waiting

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