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Spotlight: Ben Vest

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hi All

It's Sunday, so it's a great day to feature the work of a creative writer, artist, performer, or other talented person.

Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page, it is an honor to share the work of poet/writer and artist Ben Vest. I first became aware of Ben's poetry a few months ago and, shortly after, discovered his amazing art. His poems weave imaginative narratives with spot-on imagery - his art is highly creative and imaginative, sometimes disturbing, and always captivating.

The poem, "&" (below), is written by Ben and the image for this post is a sample of his artistic talent and creative mind. ‍

It is a pleasure to offer the work of Ben Vest - and I hope you enjoy it!


Follow me and I could take you,

To a place of magic and cause a ruckus,

You’ll see that you fit right in, yes you do,

Where the big people play, where you can cuss,

Doesn’t matter if you’re new,

No need to cause a fuss,

And see how far we grow,

You can play word games among us,

You’re more than welcome yet it’s true!

There’s Beasty and Blue,

A restless mind,

The Darkness he’d guide you through,

Perhaps you’ll find,

A punishing paddler too,

Swatting bare behinds,

Everyday is prompted with something new,

With many different styles and rhymes!

No, I’m not the white rabbit,

But if you follow me to this wonderland,

Where writing becomes a habitual habit,

Where we can desecrate Disneyland,

Experience sensations so euphoric,

A place for lost boys and girls without a Peter Pan,

With welcome arms, our friendship so platonic,

A place to take a stand,

Go at your own speed no need to be sonic,

With no prerequisites to demand,

You can even be demonic,

In this astonishing authentic world of Ampersand!

Poem and Art (image for post) by Ben Vest

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